JRN 449 (SA)

International News: Migration Reporting

Deborah Amos

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From Trenton to Toronto: This seminar will focus on journalism and the migration crisis, as the U.S. reconsiders immigration policy, asylum seekers, and refugee resettlement. At the same time, America's closest ally pursues a dramatically different policy; Canada has the highest immigration rates per capita in the world. This course will examine immigration, asylum, and refugee policy, with a focus on the conflict between national security, international responsibility, and America and Canada's historical roles in migration and resettlement. Trips to Canada and to U.S. asylum courts will give students opportunities to report from the field.

Rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores may apply to enroll in this course, which is limited to 12 students. Applicants must be available for a mandatory international fall-break reporting trip. Applications are due by NOON on Monday, April 22, 2019; admission decisions will be returned to applicants as soon as possible.

Interested students may email Margo Bresnen, Journalism Program Manager, at mbresnen@princeton.edu with any questions.

View this course on the Registrar’s website.

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