JRN 449 (SA)

International News: Migration Reporting

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This seminar will focus on journalism and the global migration crisis, as more than 65 million people are on the move, with forced displacements at a record high. At the same time, refugee resettlement in the United States is contentious.

Students will examine journalism’s approach to the crisis in photos, text, and radio, considering the conflict between national security, international responsibility, and America’s historic role in resettlement. Students will visit ethnic and refugee communities, write stories on topics as diverse as social media, education, and entrepreneurship, and produce multimedia assignments and a long-form final project.

Mandatory travel to Canada for four days during fall break and to Connecticut for three days (a Friday to Sunday) in early December.

Enrollment is not open to freshmen.


View this course on the Registrar’s website.

If you are unable to enroll in this course and wish to be placed on its waitlist, send a one-paragraph explanation of your interest in the course to journalism@princeton.edu.

View this course on the Registrar’s website.

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