JRN 441 (LA)

The McGraw Seminar in Writing: Writing about the Arts, and the Art of Living

Sarah Kaufman

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This seminar will focus on arts criticism that can steer a broader cultural conversation through bold, smart, and revelatory writing. In this course students will move beyond the conventional categories (music, theater, etc.) to turn a critical lens on the art of sports, politics, social movements, and the daily tasks of everyday life. We will employ a full journalistic toolbox—reporting, storytelling, analysis, and stylish essays. Students will learn to tap into their own critical faculties to analyze events in new and convincing ways, to make big pronouncements and savor the small details, and to discover their unique voice.

If the course fills, you may email mbresnen@princeton.edu to be put on a waitlist. Please include a paragraph explaining your interest in the course.

View this course on the Registrar’s website.

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