Informal Pathways in Journalism

The Journalism certificate aims to intersect with many disciplines, and we encourage students to design their own interdisciplinary pathway through the certificate. Pathways might include the following:

● literary journalism (e.g., long-form narrative; creative nonfiction; writing for intellectual magazines)

● journalism and the performing or visual arts (e.g., cultural reporting; film/arts/food/travel reviewing and editing)

● journalism in society and politics (e.g., investigative and accountability journalism; business models for journalism; journalism and public policy; health and medical journalism)

● data, technology, statistics, and journalism; computer-assisted journalism

● audio and video storytelling (e.g., data visualization; social media; documentary filmmaking)

● intercultural or global journalism (e.g., ethics, human values; interviewing and ethnography; regional/comparative studies)

● journalism and science and technology (e.g., entrepreneurship; digital media; global health; data journalism; computer-assisted journalism; virtual reality)

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