JRN 445 (SA)

Investigative Journalism: Investigative Reporting

Mike McIntire

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Delving beneath the surface is the essence of investigative reporting, which pulls together all publicly available information, as well as harder-to-find material, to present the fullest possible picture. Politicians, corporations, and wealthy individuals employ armies of PR experts, lawyers, and lobbyists to ensure that only their version of reality prevails, and it is the lonely duty of journalists to dispel this fog of self-interest. Students in this course will master basic investigative tools and techniques, as well as how to apply them to everyday reporting and major enterprise pieces, and learn to think critically and skeptically.

If the course fills, students may email Margo Bresnen, Journalism Program Manager, at mbresnen@princeton.edu to be put on a wait list. Please include a paragraph explaining your interest in the course.
If you have submitted an application for the JRN certificate but are unable to enroll in a seat for certificate students, email Margo Bresnen at mbresnen@princeton.edu.

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