JRN 448 (SA)

The Media and Social Issues: Examining the Other

Nick Chiles

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One of the most daunting challenges a writer faces is to effectively portray the "other"--anyone whose life experience and way of relating to the world significantly differ from those of the writer. At a time when the nation is wracked by racial division, this challenge is particularly crucial when a writer attempts to examine those of another race. This course will explore key questions around trying to overcome "otherness." Students will learn the skills a writer must employ to examine the other, and the enormous consequences if the writer fails.

If the course fills, students may email Margo Bresnen, Journalism Program Manager, at mbresnen@princeton.edu to be put on a wait list. Please include a paragraph explaining your interest in the course.
If you have submitted an application for the JRN certificate but are unable to enroll in a seat for certificate students, email Margo Bresnen at mbresnen@princeton.edu.

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